Monday, June 9, 2014

Summer Finally!

Summer! Yes, the season of Saturdays, the coveted, long awaited 3 month break that every kid counts down to.
Its finally here!

During summer, most kids hole up in their bedrooms to play video games, a pastime I only sometimes do. However, this summer in Alaska will top the other summers!

In July, my friend and I are taking the ferry to a horse camp in Juneau. 5 days of horses and fun!

Of course, our neighbors will be having many handspring contests on our trampoline with us. We just got a trampoline this spring, and it has made long days bearable.

Dance selfie!

I can't wait for the many dance camps I will take. Ballet, jazz, tap, you name it. I can't wait!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Challenges Made Worthwhile

 Life in Alaska can be very challenging. For instance, it is 3 days into summer vacation, and it has not. Stopped. Raining. It is cloudy, constantly, and misty. Quite dreary actually. However, when the sun comes out for the first time in a week, it makes us grateful even for the 5 minutes of sunshine. And usually in those five minutes we have changed from jeans, to shorts, to jeans again.

Us Alaskans are very easily tricked y the sun.

The last few days of school were mostly 3 or 4 classes crammed together in the band room to watch an animated movie that no one payed attention too. And a field day. The class of 2020 is made up of about 100 or so kids, not just the kids in the picture above. I know every single one of them by name, who their best friend is, where they sit in the lunchroom,and what their first period is.

It is a small school.

Another challenge of the teeny-tiny town of Sitka: you can't go to the grocery store without seeing someone you know. Or 3 people. Or your whole school. So that makes donut runs early in the morning quite a bit akward. However, if you have a lemonade sale at the grocery store, than you could certainly rake it in.

And the Mexican/Italian place that we seem to go to every other day. Even though it is the only resteraunt that serves pizza, it can certainly be listed on the lists of challenges.

And then there are those beautiful, crisp, spring days where you just can't help loving Alaska. Or those boat trips out to the Hot Springs where when you canoe out to just the right spot you can see the volcanoe sitting peacefully in the sun. Those days, or moments make every challenge worthwhile.

Except for the pizza place. Nothing can fix that.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Working Gal

DSC_0176 - Copy

Today is a work day. Work you say? Yes, the amazing Emily Melnick has a job! Every Monday and Wednesday from 10 to 12 I work at the teeny, tiny, one room Aquarium.

What do I do, you say? Well, I usually pick up giant sea cucumbers for the astounded tourists, but on the especially slow days, I pick up a tube, get the water flow starting, and suck up long noodles of  sea cucumber poop. So much fun. DSC_0169 - Copy

 Sometimes, the tourists think that even though I am here 2 hours a day, twice a week, they still know a lot more than me. Some of the tourists think that the tiny little black fish, gunnel, are the dangerous type of eel, the Electric Eel! (I really don't blame them, I thought the same thing when I moved here!) And I just say, "well, it really isn't an electric eel, otherwise it wouldn't be in the touch tanks...its really called a gunnel." DSC_0201 - Copy

So, basically I really am in a job. Thanks for reading!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Long Time, No Write!

So, I know I haven't really been caught up on blogging...okay, I have been REALLY BAD AT THIS!

The whole time I've been gone, this is whats been happening...

  • School! yes, the painful, awkward, distracting school! (public, to be exact).
  • We moved! To the great outdoors of Alaska! 
  • Andrew started walking, talking, and screaming exceptionally louder than normal.
  • Our new room is completely pool blue, hot pink, and Pottery Barn everything!
  • I got my haircut, (again) except this time, it was cut short! With bangs.
So, welcome to the new me! I'm still me, but with a few new changes! Again, I'm terribly sorry for the long, long, long,long gap of no posts. I promise I'll be better!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Memorial Day Fun!

I have this little fashion sense that I think may be a little unique. For instance, I see an outfit in GAP, that I LOVE, go home, and recreate that outfit using the clothes I have at home.

That day I was wearing a green T-shirt, red skirt, and a really cute jean jacket. My mom brought out a bunch of cute stuff and I modeled for her.

My sister also wore a cute black and pink Paris dress with a little poodle to model with.

We had a ton of fun, and piecing the outfits together was pretty clever. It was pretty wet, so I  was desperately trying to keep my Justice gray sparkle flip-flops from sinking into the muddy clay.

However, that was a Memorial Day to remember!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Thoughts On School!

So sorry about being late on my posts! I couldn't draw much pictures because I have been helping my mom out a ton! Its a lot of work trying to feed a three month old gloppy Prunes and Bananas. And I'm on my summer break.

I have a lot of thoughts on school. I kinda want to go, but I kinda don't. I want to go because secretly I really want to try out those horrible school lunches. But I also want to go because of the friends. There's a lot of kids from my neighborhood who go to school, and I want to be the ones who ask friends if they'll study with me.
( Hey Sara, wanna go to the study hall with me?) Plus, who wants to miss out on the adventures of middle school? Apparently, my mom does. She says that middle school is the seventh layer of hell! But I guess I haven't learned from the bangs fiasco, ALWAYS LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER! So I'm like," Yeah, OK....whatever."

But I also don't want to go to school , because, yes, I do believe middle school is the seventh layer of hell.
Here are some of the reasons why:

  2. Bad Lunch.
  3. TONS and TONS of homework.
Yes, I confess, I AM AFRAID OF HOMEWORK! I mean, who isn't? So, yes those are my thoughts on school.

P.S. so sorry about the long gap between posts!